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“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived – this is to have succeeded” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Here is a small selection of testimonials. If you would like to see more then please email me.

"Jane is a lovely person who is very grounded and easy to get on with. She is an experienced horse woman with a deep understanding and knowledge of horses. Jane was able to make an immediate connection with my horse.

From a position of feeling rather "stuck", Jane has helped me find a way of moving forwards with my horse in ways that I had never thought of. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane to anyone who owns or rides a horse". Pauline



"Gigy always had a sad look about him and suffered with confidence issues. I contacted Jane and she has helped me to tune in with Gigy.

After 2 sessions Gigy now will trust me more, has become more confident and panics less when challenged with new problems. Thank you Jane!" Louise


"My horse had suffered a long and debilitating illness and when he came back into work he was unconfident and aggressive. Although no longer suffering physically he was very stressed mentally and his behaviour was unacceptable. Jane found that he was extremely resentful of authority and had probably been misunderstood in the past and unfairly punished.

He was initially reactive to treatment, showing dominance and aggression, but Jane's quiet confident approach brought out in the second visit a playful and talented horse who was much more prepared to listen and accept human contact. It was an amazing experience and joy to see my horse respond in this way." Sue



I was not getting on well with Jay at all when I asked Jane for help, in fact I was at my wits end. He is a spooky pony and after a couple of mishaps (falls!!) I felt I could not trust him at all. He seemed to have no confidence in me either and we would look warily at each other.

After a session from Jane, he appeared "softer" and more responsive. We are taking things slowly, but I have been riding him out on a longer rein and allowing him to look at things, and generally trusting that he will not spin round. He hasn't and we are building a good relationship up again. Thank you Jane


Molly has had several 'difficulties' since she was about 5 - she is now about 11 years old. Not really of a physical nature - she just wasn't always happy about being handled or ridden, moving away from me a lot, she seemed 'down' a lot of the time which seemed especially odd as she has lived on acres of land in a herd situation ever since I have had her - 10 years.

At first I thought she was just a bit moody or grumpy. In the past 5 years or so, I have tried various things to help her; vet to no satisfactory conclusion, Rolfing (structural integration - equine bodywork) which helped her in lots of ways and she was happier about being touched/handled but she was still not mentally better. Then I tried homeopathy, also helpful in improving some issues, but I still felt I needed to help her more.

I asked Jane if she thought she could help. Jane's comments were very interesting and really helped in trying to understand what was going on in Molly's mind. Molly is definitely better, she is friendlier, nearly always calls out on my approach and is much more consistent when being ridden. She still needs more attention than the others but we are, without a doubt, getting there! If you have a 'mysterious' sort of problem with your horse you can't quite put your finger on, healing is undoubtedly worth a go. Thanks Jane.



Mel was difficult to catch and refused to hack out alone. She is a lovely sensitive horse but tended to worry about things. After a healing session she became calmer and her owner was able to understand and work with her concerns so that they could be more in tune. We also did some follow up support by email. “Last night I took Mel out and we rode all the way up to my house, round the block and back with no problems it was absolutely wonderful and I am sure Mel enjoyed it as much as me! I can’t thank you enough for the difference you’ve made to her – she’s so different and more relaxed”. Alison


Inca and Zam

The first time I contacted Jane, it was with regard to Inca, a 15.2 gelding who just hadn't been able to settle in our yard, unlike most other horses who have been there over the years. He seemed edgy and unhappy and I wasn't able to reach him. When Jane came to see him, he said he had been a talented boy in his life, he had always done his best for his owners, but he had been sold on without explanation and he now felt he had nothing left to give. It was quite an emotional experience and Inca accepted healing from Jane but turned away when he had enough. We agreed that I would talk to him and let him know what was happening to him and I was very fortunate to find him an excellent home where he is happy and very much appreciated, even has his own fan club! Before he went, I explained to him where he was going and why and I visit him often. He always flicks his ears forward in recognition and I am much more careful with all my animals now to let them know what is going on.

The next time I contacted Jane, it was about our old pony, Zam, who was having some time off from being ridden due to a weakness in his back which was being corrected by lunging and long-reining him. Zam seemed 'low' in himself, not his usual bright personality. Jane sent him healing from a distance and he was quite succinct, unlike Inca who 'chatted', Zam just stated that he was bored! He is an older pony, 24 years young but he loves his work and obviously did not really understand why he was not being worked as normal. We were relieved it was nothing more serious and in a short time, he went back into light work, then completed the summer with all the normal activities and is still looking fantastic.
I am grateful to Jane for teaching me to look past the ailment or illness that may be present and also see how the horses are feeling, I feel I have far more empathy with them now.



My 13 year old daughter and I went with Jane to see a pony that wasn't doing anything and needed someone to ride her. Jane had previously been to see her to offer healing. She had also been on her own in the field for some months so had also been without any horse company .
We caught her quite easily but it soon became clear that she was a bit unpredictable, even while Jane was leading her, so Jane let the pony off while deciding the best way forward. She bucked and jumped around the field, although always keeping Jane in her sight and not going too far away. Eventually, although not in ideal circumstances, Jane realised that the best way forward was to 'Join Up' with her.
The pony, who started off by appearing to be quite angry and frustrated, gradually responded to Jane's quiet manner and deep knowledge of horses, and recognising someone who spoke her language, began to communicate to Jane that she was ready to trust her and to 'Join-Up'. It was such a wonderful sight, and very moving, to see what had been this cross, unpredictable pony become calm and relaxed and I think quite delighted to find someone who could communicate with her. She looked like a different pony, her whole body softened and relaxed.


Jane helped us again when we needed to load the pony into the trailer to bring her nearer to us so we could work with her. Again Jane was calm, patient and always listening and responding to the pony, and making it easy for her to get it right. The result was that she arrived at her new home calm and relaxed and walked off the trailer and onto the yard quite happily. Jane has been helping us to start listening to the pony more and to understand how we can work with her, explained ways in which we can make it easy for her to get it right, exercises we can do to help her, and been an inspiration of how possible it is to have a good relationship and understanding with your pony. My daughter is now developing a lovely relationship with the pony who is beginning to trust us and is showing more and more the sweet and willing side of her nature.

Thank you Jane for everything you have done as I know couldn't have thought about taking the pony on without seeing the work you did with her and how she could be. You have helped to make one pony and one girl very, very happy indeed.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jane for any issues or problems you have with your horse or pony and I look forward to learning a lot more about 'listening to horses'.

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