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"May we all enjoy being in communication with the horse"...



Understanding the natural behaviour of the horse can help us see things from their point of view. For example, watching the way horses interact means you can start to see that they set boundaries for acceptable behaviour.

Being clear and consistent about boundaries is one of the most important points to remember when handling horses. Bolshy, bargy behaviour is often the result of humans not being clear about what exactly we expect of our horses.

On the other hand timid, fearful horses can be the result of not knowing when they get something right. Again, we need to be clear and consistent with what we are asking our horses to do.

Understanding how horses sense the world means we can improve our knowledge of how they might react in any given situation. Horses communicate primarily by visual signs so they are extremely sensitive to the body language of horses and humans (Goodwin, 2007).

Realising the implications of being a herd species geared for flight means we can begin to know why anything new is a potential danger, being away from the herd is an isolating experience or going into that trailer is terrifying!

Looking at and changing horse handling and lifestyle can help horses be less stressed with their domestic life. Healing can further help with behaviour that is difficult to understand or for deep seated emotional issues. The result is happier, healthier horses and a more harmonious relationship for horse and human.

Recommended Reading:
Perfect Manners by Kelly Marks (2002)
Equine Behaviour: Principles and Practice by Daniel Mills and Kathryn Nankervis (1999)

Goodwin D., (2007) Horse Behaviour: Evolution, Domestication and Feralisation, in Waran N., (2007) The Welfare of Horses, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Springer, The Netherlands

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